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Hi, I'm Daria!

I am a Software Engineer and Game Developer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. I love working with software that challenges me, and currently building on my AI and Deep Learning skills.

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Hi, my name is Daria and I am a highly ambitious, self-motivated, and creative software and game engineer based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I graduated with a MSc in Games Technology (2021) at ITU (IT University of Copenhagen) and a BA in Web Development (2019) at KEA (Copenhagen School of Design and Technology) and have been getting practical work experience throughout my university journey before transitioning into full-time.

I have worked for many years as a back-end developer, developing APIs, maintaining databases, and developing a vast number of new features. Most recently, I have been working as a game engineer (with an AI focus) with Die Gute Fabrik, soon to launch our new game - Saltsea Chronicles.

I love to constantly challenge myself and develop new skills, hence why I am currently dabbing into AI and Machine Learning, and my first work in this domain will soon be available to the public in Die Gute Fabrik's new game, Saltsea Chronicles.

My skills

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Backend Development

Game Development



Machine Learning






Saltsea Chronicles

Saltsea Chronicles

Upcoming game from Die Gute Fabrik that I have worked on as a full-time programmer. I have been tech-lead on Spoils, the card game included with the game, which features a cooperative deep learning AI model for the NPCs, as well as working on accessibility, audio and game infrastructure on the main game.

Forest Daemons

Forest Daemons

Light-hearted, narrative driven game about a village full of daemons that are manifestations of human superstitions. The team consisted of 6 people, and I was part of the Development Team, creating a dialogue system using Unity and Inky.

Settings: The Game

Settings: The Game

A puzzle meta-game about setting the settings of a game you never get to play. The team consisted of 6 people (3 game designers and 3 game developers), and I was part of the Development team on implementing the puzzle logic and levels in Unity.

Game Jam Projects

Game Jam Projects

I have participated in a few Nordic Game Jams as a programmer - you can find the games on my itch.io page.

Programming Projects

Programming Projects

I have made a few several programming projects, from website making (like this one!) to motion matching experiments - find my code on my Github page.